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Chicago, IL 60606
387 2nd Avenue #306
10010, NY 10010

Meet Kevin Markey

Kevin went to Eastern Illinois University for a degree in political science. “Not particularly useful, but if you want to be an attorney, this is a way to do it,” he was told. After college he became an art dealer to save up for law school but found that he liked talking to people, forming relationships, and finding visual solutions to complex problems more than studying for his LSAT. With that knowledge and excitement to build something of his own, Kevin started Advocacy Digital Media. As president and owner of ADM, he’s poured his heart and soul into building a strong team that creates unique, high quality, and professional exhibits that lawyers across the country use in their trials. In the last year, Kevin and his team helped achieve over $1 billion for his clients.

When he’s not at work or with his family, you often find him squeezing into a latex onesie and fighting crime at night. The newspapers say he’s dangerous, but we think he’s just misunderstood. A lot of his job deals with captions like, “WHAM!” and “BOOM!.

If he could leave you with a thought, it would be this, “As great as our visuals are, it’s the people that make them. It’s their curiosity, their effort, their expertise, and ultimately their passion that are in the chromosomes of this company. It’s impossible to separate and if you did – you’d be left with a big pile of goo.”