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About Kevin Camp

I wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember, but the personal injury career path solidified for me when I started learning about the direct link between the legal system and economics.

It quickly became clear to me that there are two main outcomes from representing injured people:

  1. The first is working with people who have been physically and financially harmed to obtain a good end result, either through a trial or through a settlement.
  2.  The second is making corporations change the way they operate, benefiting all of the employees who work for that company and the customers they serve.

For almost 15 years, many cases I have handled have resulted in a change in rules or policies by the defendant railroads that will hopefully lead to changes in the industry to make it a safer place for railroaders to work. And that’s what gets me up in the morning.

First-hand Experience

I have personally suffered from a significant injury that changed my life forever.

In 2009, I was injured in a skiing accident that resulted in a spiral fracture to my femur and shattered my hip. After spending a week in the ICU, I could not use my leg for another 3 months. I was confined to a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk again.

I know suffering through an injury like this has an effect on more than just the injured person. It affects their family, who become caretakers, and it can affect the relationships with friends.

That’s why I always tell my clients the honest truth about their case. Even when that truth might be difficult to hear, I believe it is important to be direct with my clients so they can make the most informed decision about what is right for their case.

This Work is Important

Without someone representing injured workers – especially those who are working on railroads – there would be no accountability and these workplaces would be dangerous. Companies would have no reason to provide their employees with a safe place to work, and if an employee were to be injured, the company would simply fire them and hire a replacement.

I am honored to work on these cases – not only because I get to work with injured people to rebuild their own lives, but also because we get to build a safer workforce foundation moving forward.

Leadership Positions

  • Vice President of Texas Trial Lawyer Association


  • Injury Board
  • Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law


  • University of Houston

    B.S. in Economics with a Minor in Finance
  • South Texas College of Law

    Juris Doctorate