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About RebuttalPR

Rebuttal is a strategic communications firm that specializes in high-stakes litigation. The nation’s leading plaintiff law firms have turned to Rebuttal to create winning communications campaigns on cases ranging from billion-dollar mass torts and class actions to high-profile individual injury claims. When powerful interests seek to confuse and misdirect in both the courtroom and the media, we know how to cut through the noise and help you achieve better outcomes for your clients.

Strategy Counsel
From consulting on strategy to building, managing, and executing full media campaigns, we will identify the best approach that cuts through the noise, engages the right people, and ultimately helps you accomplish your goals.

Media & Public Relations
A winning message is only effective if your target audience sees and hears it. Our track record speaks for itself: our clients have appeared everywhere from national morning shows and cable news, magazine covers and major daily front pages, to legal journals and niche trade publications.

Message Development
Cases can be won or lost based on who has the better message. From our years of working on civil justice issues, we know the most effective language to persuade and influence key audiences and stakeholders.

Social platforms can be home to spirited advocacy as well as disinformation. Our digital operation can target key audiences where they gather online — whether to galvanize potential plaintiffs or inform class members. 

Public Affairs
Rebuttal has worked in the halls of Congress and state legislatures, giving us a unique perspective on how your litigation may intersect with the interests of policymakers.

Research & Intelligence
Fact-finding and research is at the heart of what we do. From digging through financial filings and court records to devising FOIA strategies, we know how to find obscure but powerful data that can fuel the news and better tell your story.

Thought Leadership
Your firm survives and prospers on finding the next big case, and being seen as a trusted advocate by your community and the courts. We have worked with the nation’s leading firms to burnish their reputations and drive both business and courtroom success.

Coalition Building
A winning message is important, but it also matters who delivers it. We map out stakeholders that are likely to take an interest in your cause and amplify and extend our efforts.

Media Training
Preparation is the key ingredient for a successful interview. When it is time for you or your clients to tell your story, we will be there to ensure the message and delivery achieves your objectives.

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