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Pottroff Karlin

About Pottroff Karlin

The train accident lawyers of Pottroff & Karlin LLC work from offices in Manhattan, Kansas and throughout the U.S. for members of the public wronged by railroad companies. We are the only law firm in the nation that commits over 90% of its caseload to railroad related accidents and train crashes which injure the public.  We are tirelessly attempting to force the railroad industry to stop ignoring public safety.

Pottroff & Karlin is tirelessly attempting to force the railroad industry to stop ignoring public safety. To be proactive instead of reactive. To help lower the number of train/railroad accidents that occur each year. To stop procrastinating the much needed updates to the safety regulations for railroad crossings, loading docs, train tracks, passenger safety, and more.

Our expert train accident lawyers have repeatedly stood by their uncompromising demand: that the rail industry adopts basic safety engineering and systems safety principles.  Currently, roughly 3,000 individuals per year are involved in some form of train accident – a number clearly in need of being reduced.  If safety were properly and consistently employed, this number would indeed fall. Our legal experts of have devoted their skill and expertise to overcoming safety hazards and defending train accident victims, and have seen tangible results.

Practice Areas

  • Railroad Crossing Accidents
  • Car Accident
  • Truck Accident
  • Train Accident

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