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Lawsuit Financial Corp

About Lawsuit Financial Corp

Lawsuit Financial is a pro-justice lawsuit funding company. We provide strategic litigation funding to plaintiffs and attorneys. Why do we utilize the word "strategic"? Because injured or disabled plaintiffs do not pursue litigation on a level playing field. Insurance companies have money and power. Plaintiffs have neither; while plaintiffs can retain attorneys on a contingency fee basis, injury and/or disability almost always causes economic hardship to victims and their families. Strategic litigation funding comes into play when the insurance company presents a low offer to plaintiff during the litigation process. This undesirable offer may be acceptable to plaintiff in a time of dire need. Acceptance will cost plaintiffs and attorneys significant recovery dollars and increase insurance company profits. Instead of accepting the low offer, plaintiff now has a better option; accept lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial; accept only the money needed now and don't settle the case prematurely and inexpensively. Leverage Lawsuit Financial's money for time to allow the attorney to obtain full value for the injuries and the case.

Mark is also an award-winning legal thriller and children's safety/social justice book author. He has written 8 Zachary Blake legal thrillers, a cozy legal mystery, and a children's social justice picture book. He also hosts the legal-themed podcast, Justice Counts on the Spreaker network. Please visit his website at http://www.markmbello.com. Injury Board members who would like to be a guest on "Justice Counts," should reach out to Mark at his lawsuitllc@yahoo.com email address.

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