InjuryBoard members teamed up with Denver Parks & Rec to help restore and rejuvenate a community park in West Denver during a ROI Volunteer event.

About The Injury Board

The Injury Board is a national association of plaintiffs’ law firms that understand the importance and effectiveness of word-of-mouth focused marketing initiatives.

A look at what some of our members have to say…

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For me, attendance at ROI is motivated by the social interaction that takes place among the attendees, The Injury Board staff and speakers. The quality and diversity of the attendees — both IB members and non-members — is top notch. Spending a few days with this group is an education in and of itself. Many of these relationships continue long after the conference is over. These relationships are critical to maintaining a healthy, positive and successful practice.”

– Michael Bogdanow, Injury Board Member & Managing Partner, Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C.

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Reaching the masses is difficult for lawyers, and due the negative press given to the profession, it is essential that legal professionals engage in discussions whenever possible. The Legal Examiner helps level the playing field by providing a strong enough platform to disseminate worthy messages beyond what a single firm can do. The Legal Examiner has become a respected source of information among the responsible press, and it allows access to those news reporters otherwise difficult to reach. Finally, the people who make up the Legal Examiner have gone above the call of duty to present opportunities for law firms to help those who need a helping hand, and many of the opportunities would have gone unknown without an body such as The Legal Examiner.”

– John Hopkins, Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.

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I’m a believer in The Safety Report. . . a big believer. When we started with the magazine, we loved its look and feel, and initially viewed it as a way to stay in touch with our client and referral bases. However, we quickly realized the impact it had on our practice.

After each issue mailed, we noticed an uptick in calls that seemed to start within two weeks. People called with new matters; others simply commented on the quality of the magazine. The waves lasted for several weeks until our flow of calls and contacts settled back to pre-publication volumes. We also received a handful of calls or notes commenting on the magazine’s quality. I can’t imagine a time when it would not be a central part of our marketing plan.”

– Matt Devoti, Casey & Devoti, St. Louis, MO

Why Join?

Different firms that join The Injury Board have different reasons for doing so. Some want to meet new firms across the country. Some want access to our highly valued conferences, meetings and education. Some want consultation and assistance with their marketing needs and access to community-driven campaigns. However, what they all have in common is the drive to succeed, to participate and to become part of a select group of like-minded firms.

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