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Peter Black


About Peter Black

Peter J. Black's interest in aviation law stems from something a bit more visceral than law books. Upon his graduation from Lehigh University in 1969, Black entered the U. S. Navy and spent five years as a naval aviator, completing 150 combat missions in Vietnam. Subsequently, he attended law school and, upon graduation, took a job with United States Aviation Underwriters in New York where his knowledge of aviation was augmented by day to day experience handling major aviation litigation throughout the United States.


In 1982 Black moved to Massachusetts and worked at one of Boston's largest litigation firms, until he left with his Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow colleagues to form their new firm. Today, Black makes the most of this background by litigating not only aviation related cases but also complex product liability cases, such as automotive design cases, and negligence cases.


Black's experiences as a pilot have provided more than just memories. There's a connection, Black claims, between the skills of a good pilot and those of a good lawyer. "I learned as a navy pilot that tenacity and preparation are as important as adrenaline in getting the job done," he says. "I love the process of building a case from the ground up and then presenting it at trial. It can be a great challenge, and I enjoy every minute of it."