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Milestone Consulting, LLC

About Milestone Consulting, LLC

Milestone Consulting, LLC is a comprehensive settlement planning and management firm. We believe that injured plaintiffs and their families deserve strategies designed to ensure a lifetime of financial security.

Our team offers assistance in the early stages of litigation, at mediation, and post settlement to ensure that your client's transition from litigation to the rest of their life is a smooth one.

Milestone provides a diverse range of products and services, including:

• Government benefits preservation (Medicaid, SSI, food stamps)
• Special Needs Trusts
• Medicare Set-Asides
• Support for mass tort claimants
• Qualified Settlement Funds
• Structured settlements
We have also pioneered next-generation strategies for contingency fee attorneys who want to leverage their unique opportunity to create unlimited reserves of deferred compensation. Our Attorney Fee Deferral program is unparalleled and enables trial lawyers to plan and manage their wealth. All of our plans are designed to involve your trusted financial adviser in the creation, design, and implementation of your tax deferral strategy. 
With over 20 years in the settlement planning industry, we have become a pre-eminent settlement consultant and are proud to be a partner to trial lawyers and an advocate for plaintiffs nationwide.

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