IB Member Scott Hendler Assists Injured Factory Worker


Texas based IB member Scott Hendler of Hendler Lyons Flores is providing hope for an injured factory worker. In 2011, Rosa Moreno lost both of her hands cutting metal parts used in assembling flatscreen televisions during an overnight shift in Reynosa, Mexico. As any mother would, while in the hospital Moreno immediately began to worry about her ability to support her children. She received $14,400 in settlement money under the Mexican labor law, a mere 75% of two year’s wages for each hand.

Scott_2001She knew that she needed more support for her family and looked across the border, to Texas, where her former employer LG Electronics was based. After telling her story on television, retired minister Ed Krueger advised Moreno to find the right lawyer with a compassionate heart. Enter Injury Board member attorney Scott Hendler. Together the two hope to provide Rosa with the prosthetic hands that she needs. Although she could not pay for his services, the two filed a lawsuit against LG and Moreno has hope that she has been looking for.

It has been four years since Moreno lost both hands. She has since been struggling to make her mortgage payments due to her inability to work. Her family is surviving on small disability benefits from the government and she struggles with many routine activities. Moreno continues to shine a light on factory workers like herself with hope someone, somewhere will hear her story and prevent this type of incident again.

500“I constantly wish that someone with a compassionate heart could help me get some prosthetic hands that are flexible, so I could actually do something. Right now, I can’t do much. I can do smaller things, and move some things around, but I can’t do anything for myself. I can’t even take a shower. My family is surviving on a small disability benefit from the government, the kindness of friends and because my oldest daughter is now working instead of pursuing her education.” – Rosa Moreno

To read Rosa Moreno’s full story, visit: http://goo.gl/zlmyV9. For more information on Scott Hendler and Hendler Lyons Flores, please visit: http://goo.gl/Fdr3x2.


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