IB Member Spotlight: Rogen Chhabra

25rogenwebsiteRogen Chhabra
Chhabra & Gibbs P.A.
Jackson, MS

5 Fast Facts:

Favorite sports team. New Orleans Saints

On the weekends. My wife and I love to travel and are almost never home. Our favorite spot is Bora Bora.

Inspirational person. My law partner, Darryl Gibbs. I hired him straight out of law school as an associate. Turns out he became a mentor to me in the early years and always had a knack for getting things done. My wife, Jenny, is also extremely inspirational in my life.

One tip for young business professionals. Return every call, every day.

Outside of law, one business you would like to start for personal enjoyment. A sushi restaurant. My wife and I are sushi fanatics and would love to open a restaurant with our own entrepreneurial twist.


What was it that initially drove you to become a trial lawyer? What is your favorite part about the profession?

RC: What initially drove me to become an attorney was my poor perception of lawyers and my burning desire to change the way lawyers behave. Even though we work in an adversarial process, I believe that honesty and candor is one of the most important things that a lawyer should have. We aren’t always taught this, but I have made it a staple in our practice since the beginning. My passion derives from risk taking and helping others.


Can you talk about the process of building your firm over the years?

RC: Building our firm has been a great experience. When we began, I had only practiced law for a year at a local defense firm. I had a wife, two children, loans and had figured if I stayed in the defense firm, I would be bankrupt. I took my entrepreneurial passion and decided to start a plaintiffs firm. My partner and I each put in $1,500 to pay rent in 1999. Turns out, the first day we got a call for a DUI and it carried it out. Our earnings took care of our original expenses and by the end of first year we had six-figure revenue.


You are an inspirational mock trial coach at local schools.. What fuels your desire to coach?

RC: It is very rewarding to see my students deliver brilliantly at a competition. I enjoy being around the team and being a mentor for students. I have coached several teams; however, I moved to Madison Central so I could hopefully coach my kids one day. When the time came, I was able to recruit my son and daughter to the team. They both advanced to the state championship mock trial and did very well.


Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community. Can you tell us a little bit about your firm’s community involvement and why it is important for trial lawyers?

RC: Community involvement is probably one of the most important aspects of my career and my firm’s success. I do community service for pure self enjoyment. I take advantage of opportunities to speak/judge at our local law school and have been very community oriented during my time with MAJ (Mississippi Association for Justice). My partners volunteer consistently at the local PTA, and can always be found in the community coaching sports teams. Our firm is looking forward to being proactive in the community with the Injury Board family of attorneys.

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