IB Member Spotlight: Mark Kitrick

kitrick3Mark Kitrick
The Law Offices of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris Co., L.P.A.
Columbus, OH

5 Fast Facts:

Favorite sports team. Ohio State Buckeyes

Where can we find you on the weekend? I teach advanced martial arts, advanced fighting techniques and self defense. I also enjoy playing the guitar, piano and a few other instruments and then compose- I am working on my 3rd CD.

Inspirational person. My wife Java and my father-in-law, Perry Rosenstein for fighting the good fight, standing out for justice. They are not afraid to speak up and stand out for people who cannot speak for themselves or to change the world for the better.

Something we may not know about you. I do anti terrorist Israeli combat training with a pistol and rifle.  I am usually reading 5-10 books at a time, from physics to neuroscience to history to philosophy. I do a Chinese puzzle (tan-gram) every day as a brain warm up and have collected vocabulary words for over 35 years.

Outside of law, what is one business you would like to start for personal enjoyment?  I would enjoy running various businesses and I would start an alternative music band. As well, I would like to create a  neuroscience institute to study people and the way they think. This would allow for trial lawyers to use our findings.



What was it that initially drove you to become a trial lawyer and what would you say is your favorite part about your profession?

MK: Being able to stand up and talk for people that cannot do it on their own, and the fight for justice. There is no better feeling than entering the room to do just that. Clients put their trust in you and it is my job and passion to help them. I like the high velocity and high intensity of litigation and battling against huge corporations.


Can you talk about the process of building your firm over the years?

MK: I started small and then slowly built it so my associates have now become my partners. It is very important to grow the firm and mentor. I want my younger partners to  take over the firm for generations to come. We try to master our complex craft in a way that benefit everyone.


You are a martial arts master, a musician, and a fitness mogul, why do you think it is important for people to engage themselves in activities outside of work?

MK:  I believe it is very important to challenge oneself  in every aspect — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every avenue we take we should try to be the best at.

Eleanor Roosevelt said to, “strive for effectiveness.” If I am going to do it, I am going to study it and do it very effectively. These types of activities keep you humble allow for continuous personal growth. It keeps you balanced, healthy and makes you well-rounded in a way that you can enjoy as many experiences of life as possible.


Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community. Can you tell us a little bit about your firms community involvement and why it is important for trial lawyers?

MK: I think it is critical and should be mandatory to give back to the community. We should reach beyond ourself and focus on others so we can help the world become a better place. It is really important and always tends to have a ripple effect beyond. We must always try to elevate ourselves and in turn, we will help others and improve the condition of humanity.


Why is IB valuable to you?

MK: The value system is identical to mine. The chance to give back is the ultimate morality of the group. Not to brag, not to advertise, but to lead by example and show that lawyers are fantastic people who are integral to our communities and society.


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