IB Member Spotlight: Jamie Holland

13436058James “Jamie” Holland
Harrell & Harrell Personal Injury Attorneys
Jacksonville, FL


5 Fast Facts: Jamie Holland

Favorite sports team. Alabama Crimson Tide.

Spot on the weekends. On the soccer field, watching my daughters.

3 words/phrases to describe yourself. Animated, stubbornly determined, caring

One thing you can’t live without.  My family, 3 daughters.

Outside of law, what is one business you would like to start for personal enjoyment? I would like to go back to my career in acting. I was featured in soap operas back in 1987, includingSanta Barbara” and “Young and the Restless.”


What was it that initially drove you to become a trial lawyer and what would you say is your favorite part about your profession?

JH:  I was driven out of acting because I wanted to use my communications skill set to directly help people. I have two favorite parts of being a trial lawyer: the moment I sit down to meet the client and communicate with them and being in the courtroom, fighting the case for what we believe is right.


You have dedicated a significant amount of time mentoring young lawyers to help them learn skills to be successful. What value do you think a mentor brings to a college graduate? Did you have any mentors as you began your career?

JH: I owe my skills to a couple of coaches I had back when I was in law school. These mentors taught me both the right way to conduct myself and how to communicate trials. I am forever indebted to this and enjoy coaching law students and teaching at trial advocacy institutes. It’s fun for me because, as a teacher, I’m not only giving back, but I am able to learn from the skills I teach.


Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community. Tell us about your firm’s community involvement and why it is important for trial lawyers.

JH: I think it is very important to give back, but more importantly it is easy to get isolated and lose connection with the human world in this profession. Giving back keeps us well rounded as individuals and keeps our feet on the ground and our heads out of the clouds. As I said, it is easy to become isolated due to large volumes of work, but our firm makes an effort to get involved. We do all types of community service, ranging from annual toy drives for local hospitals to Habitat for Humanity and diverse community-based projects. We are proud to be a part of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and have devoted significant hours to JALA.


In your opinion, why is Injury Board valuable?

JH: I see the value in Injury Board as a great to surround yourself with people having like-minded personalities and core competencies. IB reinforces our views while also constantly giving us innovative ideas on how we can help others. One of the real benefits I get is when I send a case to a fellow IB lawyer. I am always confident that they will represent client’s the right way and for the right reason.


Memories from ROI?

JH: My first ROI was part of the reason I joined IB. I went to the conference expecting it to be legal conference/legal convention. However, my perceptions were wrong and that was a good thing. ROI is almost like a stream of consciousness within the legal field. It is not a bunch of lawyers pounding their chests because of past accomplishments, the conference measures how much character you have and gives us all the confidence to give back and help others.

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