IB Member Spotlight: Jim Cole

jcoleJim Cole
Cole, Cole & Easley, P.C.
Victoria, TX


Fast Facts —

One thing most people may not know about you. My passion is ocean sailing. You can usually find me in Corpus Christi.

Favorite book. “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Place we can find you on weekend. When I can, I really enjoy being outdoors especially because of my love for sailing.

Favorite sports team. Baylor Bears

One business tip for young professionals. Find something you love to do and go for it. Make sure it is a profession that engages you, so you can always find different ways to improve. I believe it is also important to find a profession in which you can enjoy going to work every day.


You have a long history of conducting business with your family. How has this experience helped you flourish into the attorney you are today?

JC: I started practicing law with my father and it was a real privilege to learn from him. He was a trial lawyer 60 years ago in a completely different era, where things were done very differently. Since then, my brother has joined the firm and we have been practicing together for 30 years. It has been an honor to work with them both.


What is your favorite part about the legal profession?

JC: I love coming to work every day. I think the ability to have a personal effect on clients and community is extremely rewarding. Our firm has long been committed to community and safety, and it has been that way here since inception. We try to make every case have a positive impact on the safety of our community and the well being of our clients.


What are some of the challenges you face day-to-day at your firm?

JC: We have been through significant tort reform where the laws have been changed to make it more difficult for lawyers to help injured people. Texas is described as a very “business- friendly” state, which in a lot of ways, can impact the disputes between businesses and injured people. There is a fine line between truly wanting to help someone and running a business. We make it a point to try to help as many people as effectively as possible.


Your firm is very involved in your local community. Why do you think giving back is so important for IB members and trial attorneys?

JC: I think there is a feeling that trial lawyers are all about the money and you simply can’t trust them. Where we find pleasure is showing the community our devotion in other ways than donating money. By showing our community involvement, people have the ability to understand that our core values are much more than the initial perception.


What do you value most about your IB membership?

JC: We have looked at a lot of different marketing programs over the last 30 years. When we linked up with IB, we immediately felt their approach to the business was a good fit for us. IB provides tremendous feedback and provides us with a group of firms with the same values as us. We also greatly value the community service projects Injury Board provides. The power of this group to do great things is limitless.


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