IB Member Spotlight: Agostinho Ribeiro

628x471Agostinho Ribeiro
Ventura, Ribeiro & Smith Attorneys At Law
Danbury, CT


Five Fast Facts —

Favorite sports team. I am a Yankee fan, but met my wife at a Rays spring training game. So our kids are both!

One thing most people don’t know about you. I am deeply spiritual. I believe we are all connected as one people on so many different levels of energy. Also, I have baseballs signed by the last three presidents.

Outside of law, what other profession would you have chosen? A chef, for my great love of cooking, creating and sharing food. I believe it is an expression of love and care.

Favorite blog or magazine to read. I enjoy reading biographies on leadership and great leaders.

Favorite weekend activity or vacation spot. Snowboarding in the mountains.


What’s the best thing about being a trial lawyer?

AR: Personally, I believe being a trial lawyer and representing individual plaintiffs fuels a passion that you cannot attain in any other way. You have the ability to take on serious injuries or cases on behalf of people who would not have any opportunity without you. It is an extraordinary gift and privilege that I find very rewarding.


GM recall cases, can you tell us why this work is important?

AR: This is the type of case that inspires not only me, but should inspire young intelligent people to be to want to be lawyers. This is the reason why good lawyers become an integral part of our societies well being and protection of civil policies. This is a classic case where trial lawyers are needed to bring relief to people that were caused pain by a corporation.


What’s the importance of upper level law education? What advice would you give a college grad thinking about law school?

AR: When it comes to education, I say, the more the better. We need great passionate lawyers. If a student has passion, interest and is made aware of what lawyers do, they should not be intimidated by the competitiveness of the law. For any law student, there will be no lack of cases in the future because of new regulations and many corporate misdeeds. There will be a greater need for lawyers to represent people; I currently don’t believe right now there are enough. In this world, there are so many wrongs to be corrected, we need bright people motivated to tackle complex cases.


Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community. Why do think this is important to members and the overall success of the group?

AR: Our firm was founded on compassion. The philanthropy and community service we do from the core value of our company, compassionate service to our clients and community. You simply cannot have one without the other. We were very involved in bringing the Dalai Lama to Connecticut. Newtown, Conn. is also the neighboring town to Danbury, where we are located. During the tragedy at Sandy Hook, we were inspired to do things for the community because it is the right thing to do. You find out what you’re made of during tragedies such as these.


Although you are relatively new, what value has IB membership brought your firm since joining?

AR: I love the core values and core competencies of the organization. The core values perfectly align with ours: compassion and involvement, greater than just our self interest. I’ve seen how well the ideas are executed and delivered through marketing ideas, publications and advice. We look forward to being very involved with The Injury Board.

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