IB Member Spotlight: Wayne Parsons


Wayne Parsons
Wayne Parsons Law Offices
Honolulu, HI


Fast Facts —

One thing most people may not know about you. I have a background as a scientist. I worked in electro-optic research for eight to nine years in an astronomical observatory designed and built by the University of Michigan.

Favorite book. “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell.

Place we can find you on weekend. In the water, I am an avid surfer.

Favorite sports team. University of Michigan Wolverines.

Person you would like to meet and why. Bertrand Russell. I admired his mathematical skills, his ABC of relativity and his lifelong dedication to world peace.



You began your career in the sciences and engineering field. How did you use this in your transition to law?

WP: I was a 23-year-old graduate at Michigan getting my Ph.D. in physics and, in 1967, they asked me to move to Hawaii to work at the astronomical observatory. While there, I discovered the ocean, learned how to surf and knew it was the place for me. I made a life decision after graduating to live in Hawaii and to create my own work there. I saw an opportunity to start my own law firm in Hawaii and pursued it.

Science is a way of thinking. It helps us to analyze problems rationally and makes it harder to trick yourself into thinking you know something. I believe most top lawyers are very logical.


What are the benefits and challenges of working in that geographic location?

WP: I love that Hawaii is multicultural and sophisticated. It is a cross section of the entire world with established cultures from all Asian, English, European, American descents. I believe we have a very vibrant jury pool and the rule of law is modernized. Not one culture dominates and we adopt all the best uniform laws.

As for challenges, we are a small state and travel is difficult. We have to go to the mainland to find most of our experts. The experts have to travel to Hawaii for the trial, making our travel expenses much higher.


What is your favorite part about your profession?

WP: I like people. I like my clients. I believe I am tuned for listening to people who have suffered hardship and I like finding a way to get them through their troubles. Solving people’s problems comes naturally and is very rewarding for me. To get paid for it is simply a side benefit.


Your firm is very involved in your local community. Why do you think giving back is so important for IB members and the overall success of our group?

WP: I am very involved in the EndDD distracted driving campaign and have been a part of this for years now. We mainly speak to high school kids and have a positive response. We may not get them all, but we are going to get SOME of them and there will be fewer accidents because of it.

I also ran the People’s Law School program in Hawaii for 15 years. We offered adult law education classes over an eight-week program; we educate people on lawyers and how they can help you. We held 15 different classes across the islands. I hope to have the classes as live webinars that people interact with across the country from their homes.


What do you value most about your IB membership?

WP: The Injury Board concept is simply brilliant and am a huge supporter of the team, as well as the idea. This is the way a lawyer should market their practice in order to develop and build a community-spirited reputation and 100% dedication to excellence. I believe if we had 1,000 trial lawyers in IB committed to its core values, their communities and excellence, everybody would benefit.

There will be a time when the IB concept will dominate. It is the answer to what everybody always complains about in this field. I feel that, if need be, our entire membership would come together to solve a national problem/case. Through our combined resources and joint contributions to the Legal Examiner, we would, for sure, make national news. This is the high-standard type of people and lawyers we have in this group.

If you would like to be featured in an IB member spotlight, please contact Braden Kowalski at bkowalski@injuryboard.org.

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