IB Member Spotlight: Zachary Mandell

Zack Mandell

Zachary Mandell
Mandell Schwartz & Boisclair, Ltd.
Providence, RI

Fast Facts —

One thing most people may not know about you. I am a big squash player.

Favorite sports team. New England Patriots, Clemson Tigers and Boston Red Sox.

Outside of law, what is the one business you would love to start? I would enjoy starting my own real estate development company.

Place we can find you on weekend. Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

Person you would like (or have liked) to meet. I would have loved to meet my great grandfather. He was a sheet metal worker and moved our entire family from Russia to America.


Your father is obviously a well-established trial lawyer in Providence. What made you decide to follow him into law?  

ZM: I have been around the practice my whole life. I was able to see firsthand what good you can do for the average person in this profession. This was a huge factor in my decision making and I wanted to help people. Seeing our clients after the settlement and their emotions/letters shows the power we have to change lives. Seeing client emotions is very important and drives us to work harder every day. I personally can’t see myself doing anything else. I was very lucky to find a passion of mine early on in life and devote my time and hard work to helping others get what they deserve.


For someone who’s still relatively young in the law world, what drives your desire to be so involved and committed to leadership—both in RIAJ and AAJ?

ZM: I like to be involved with what is happening on the other side of law. I am able to help improve our community by fighting for new laws and getting rid of the bad ones. I understand how close we are to passing new laws and it is great experience. I have also seen the benefits of being involved, some of the best people I know are members and I get rejuvenated from these like-minded individuals.


What is your favorite part about your profession? Would you do anything differently if you were to do it all over again?

ZM: I wouldn’t change anything. My favorite part about this profession is that I am almost always mentally stimulated in one way or another. This is important in any profession. I love that every day I have the ability to learn something new and tackle new challenges.


Like other IB members, your firm is very involved in your local community, specifically Providence College. Why do you think giving back is so important for IB members and the overall success of our group?

ZM: I think that this is all part of the mentality of helping others out to the best of your ability. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to give back and I see it as a huge responsibility. I see giving back as an opportunity to better lives and nothing is more rewarding than that. Combining a group of lawyers that are all giving back can have a positive nationwide effect.


What do you value most about your IB membership?

ZM: I truly respect the vision that Injury Board has in terms of marketing “the right way.” The Injury Board is always stimulating our group of lawyers to give us a better name and to get us more involved with philanthropy. The membership consists of great people, doing great things and I believe so much in the ideals and morals of this group.

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