IB Member Spotlight: Rob Roe

roeRob Roe
Rob Roe Law, LLC
St.Paul, MN

Five Fast Facts —

One thing most people may not know about you. I am 6’7”.

What are you passionate about. I am very passionate about justice. I also have a great love for coaching youth basketball teams. I’ve coached 14 teams in the past nine years.

Favorite sports team. Dallas Cowboys.

One business tip for young professionals. Be the best at what you do and don’t try to overreach into other areas outside of your expertise.

Favorite book or TV show? “Game of Thrones.”


You were a college athlete and credit carrying your motivation from the basketball court to the “real court.” Did you know you wanted to start your own law firm after college?  

RR: No, I had no original plans of opening my own firm. I was in a good business situation with an entrepreneurial passion to start my own firm. It was inevitable and I am fortunate to have turned my ideas into reality.


What type of help did you have from other attorneys, mentors, etc., as you begin the process of opening your own firm?

RR: I wish I’d had more mentors when I first went out on my own because I think they are a tremendous source from which to gain knowledge. However, there were a couple of attorneys I had developed relationships with that I would turn to for advice every once in a while. They were very helpful as they had been through similar situations and could provide advice based on their experiences.


Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community. Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement with Spare Key? (Spare Key is a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing grants to parents with a seriously ill or critically injured child remain part of their son or daughter’s care team in the hospital.)

RR: I began serving on the board for Spare Key seven years ago. I was the vice president for four years and the president for an additional two years. We are set to make 800+ payments this year and are discussing expanding nationally. We are prepared to expand to eight other states in the near future. We allow for families to spend more time with their kids and that is very touching.


In what ways has your IB membership added value to your firm since joining?

RR: The Injury Board is a wonderful organization with great core values. It creates value for our firm where we are immediately able to contact other attorneys and trust that they go about their business the right way. The attorneys from IB are incredibly collegial and all incredibly successful people that we can learn from. We enjoy being a part of a national group where we can reach out to like-minded attorneys at any point and receive valuable advice.

If you would like to be featured in an IB member spotlight, please contact Braden Kowalski at bkowalski@injuryboard.org.


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