IB Member Spotlight: Jerry H. Trachtman


Jerry Trachtman
Law Offices of Jerry H. Trachtman, P.A.
Melbourne, FL


Fast Facts —

One thing most people may not know about you. I was a spacecraft operations engineer on the Apollo program.

Favorite sports team. Philadelphia Eagles

Outside of law, what is the one business you would love to start? I would love to start my own charter airline.

Place we can find you on weekend. I can be found at the airport almost every weekend!

Person you would like to meet. John F. Kennedy.


You’ve had a different path than most to becoming a trial lawyer…
JT: Growing up, I was always fascinated by model airplanes, model rockets and anything to do with space. It was when John F. Kennedy announced we would be putting a man on the moon that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I had job opportunities from both NASA and North American Aviation, and I decided to join North American Aviation because I wanted a hands-on position working on the spacecraft. This spring, I will be featured in a book on the Apollo spacecraft processing, I am looking forward to its release.

What made you decide to switch gears and become a trial lawyer?
JT: As the Apollo program started winding down, I wanted to be in a position with not only more independence, but also to help people in need. My brother finished law school and after speaking with him, he inspired me to take the law route to make a difference in people’s lives.

You started your own practice right after you graduated. Why did you decide to go this route as opposed to working for someone else at the start?
JT: From the get-go, I had my own ideas that I wanted to execute within my firm. I had my ideas and planned to succeed or fail on my own personal merits. A benefit of this was I was able to attract specific clients that larger firms would not take on. For the first six months after completing my Bar exam, I ran my law business from a cubicle at the space center working on spacecrafts in the early mornings and running my law business until late at night.

Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community and helping others. Why do you think giving back is so important for IB members and the overall success of our group?
JT: It is very nice to be associated with The Injury Board and its members that share a philosophy of giving back. The Injury Board has helped the world understand that many trial lawyers are very active in their communities and are not ”ambulance chasers.” The positive effects of a nationwide group of lawyers working together can be limitless.

Let’s talk about how you’ve combined your passion for flying and helping others.

JT: I have been involved with both Angel Flight and Veterans Airlift Command for many years. In both organizations, I personally fly patients to get the urgent medical care they need. I have so many great memories, but one that truly sticks out was when I transported a handicapped veteran across the country to receive his personal service canine. When we arrived, his service canine was outside waiting for him and it was a very emotional experience to see the joy that this brought. Those moments make it all worthwhile.

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