IB Member Spotlight: Noble McIntyre

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Noble McIntyre
McIntyre Law
Oklahoma City, OK

Five Fast Facts —

Favorite Sports Team. Oklahoma Sooners

One thing most people may not know about you. I am a college football fanatic. I have a good group of friends that I go to every game with.

Three words to describe yourself. Confident, generous, loyal

Outside of law, what is the one business you would love to start? We have always talked about starting our own puppy daycare facility next to our office. Not only would this be fun, but it would create time-saving value to everyone within our firm.

Favorite vacation spot. I have a place in Puerto Vallarta that I visit frequently.


Congratulations on being installed as president of the Oklahoma Association of Justice next week. Can you tell us a little bit about what this role means to you and what you look forward to?

NM: Anytime you are elected a position of leadership by members it is a tremendous honor. I have great confidence that we will reinvigorate membership and spark a positive influence in Oklahoma. I am planning to speak at law schools to educate students on the importance of helping others, driving community involvement and changing the common perceptions of trial lawyers.

You’ve built a highly successful practice by networking and building relationships. Can you talk about some of the steps that took you down this path and what advice would you offer to others trying to do the same?

NM: To be successful in law, it is all about building relationships with those around you. I would advise to work to tap into other lawyers wealth of knowledge. Whether it is simply going out for dinner and drinks, use every networking situation as an opportunity to further your education.

What advice would you give a young trial lawyer looking to build their own firm?

NM: It is very tough to build your own firm without the help of others. Set yourself apart by teaming up with lawyers that have been through certain cases and always be learning. I urge young lawyers to work through “tough” cases for the learning experience instead of referring them off to others.

Like other IB members, you’re very involved in your local community, namely your Lawyers Fighting Hunger initiatives. Why is that so important to your firm and why do you think initiatives like this and others are so important to the success of IB?

NM: My whole life motto is that, you need to change lives to experience life and The Injury Board does just that. I have a responsibility to others to give back because that is the type of person I am. For the fifth-straight year, myself, along with IB member David Bernstein, have partnered with Lawyers Fighting Hunger, an organization of among over 100 Oklahoma law firms, the Oklahoma Association for Justice and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to raise more than $75,000 to provide 5,000 turkeys and 500 food boxes, along with free hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages, to families in need forThanksgiving.

Why is an IB membership valuable to your firm?

NM: The number one thing The Injury Board provides us with is great relationships. It is difficult to initially measure Injury Board on a dollar-for-dollar investment until you have attended events and interacted with the members. I have met so many great lawyers that I have done a lot of work with making IB a magnificent investment for our firm.

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