Member Spotlight: Richard Schlueter & Andrew Childers


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Richard Schlueter & Andrew Childers
Childers, Schlueter & Smith, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

5 Fast Facts: Richard Schlueter

Something most people wouldn’t know about you. I am very actively involved with my kids and their athletics. My oldest son is a junior in high school who runs track. My daughter is part of three soccer teams and I also spend a lot of time with my youngest son playing basketball.

3 words to describe yourself. Tenacious, detailed and focused.

Favorite activity. I enjoy traveling with my family in the summertime. We try to do one family trip every year and we all look forward to it.

One thing you can’t live without. My phone. It is a generic answer, but it is too true. Having access to a personal device allows us to be fully integrated with what is going on. It allows us to multitask and do business without actually being present. I also could not live without good people. We have great people within our firm and they have the ability to rub off on each other.

Outside of law, what is one business you would like to start for personal enjoyment? I would like to be part of my family business building pipe organs. It’s a very fun thing to do; I was part of it while growing up.


5 Fast Facts: Andrew Childers

Something most people wouldn’t know about you. Most people probably wouldn’t know that I love to smoke/BBQ meat on the weekends.

Where can we find you on the weekends? You can find me with my family, doing activities with the kids. Whether it is sports, parties, etc. I like spending time with my family.

Outside of law, what is one business you would love to start for personal enjoyment? Barbecue restaurant in downtown Decatur, Ga.

Favorite sports team. Clemson Tigers

Favorite thing to read. Garden & Gun magazine. It is basically a magazine about all things Southern. Great articles on food, drinks and places to visit. It’s a great magazine; I always look forward to reading it.


Richard, how did you get involved with hip implant cases? Was there a personal reason or did you view it as an opportunity to help others?
RS: I got involved in these cases because I had a number of acquaintances having problems with hip implants, including one of my neighbors. I have been practicing these torts since 2010 and am always looking for new ways to learn about the issue.


Andy, what was behind your decision to focus your attention on mass torts?
AC: Our firm fell into mass torts. It suited my personality because I really enjoy interacting with people. You interact with many more people in mass torts than single event cases. It’s also a more direct way to make an impact for people in general. Mass torts always generate a lot of news. We work to make competition and hold the companies accountable.


What advice would you give to a young professional considering law school?

RS:  I recommend getting involved in as many externships as possible. This will allow you to figure out different cultures and learn the type of law you’d like to practice—focus on the types of law that you enjoy and believe in.

AC: If you are not sure whether or not you want to practice law, I would wait until you are certain  to attend law school. Law school is a very tough time; you need to be 100% sure it’s what you want to do before you commit three of the hardest years of your life.

What do you think is the future of the courtroom? How will technology be a factor?
AC: Technology will always be a factor because it affects everything else in this world; people need immediate information and gratification. We use the available technological tools in the courtroom to keep everyone’s interest levels high.

RS: Video depositions have become very powerful tools to illustrate facts to the jurors. Integration of technology has been incredibly productive and will continue to be a tool for us in the courtroom.


We know your firm is involved in the #IBDayOfAction. What is the importance of being involved with nationwide organizations, such as the Injury Board?
RS: Being involved in organizations such as the Injury Board helps eliminate the stereotypes of those within our profession. Many trial lawyers are good people at heart with fundamental characteristics of care. We have a large concern for the people in our community. We want to change the way corporations act and hold them accountable for their mishaps. Being around like-minded individuals and taking part in community service projects gives us a better impression of who we are rather than the crude mentality that we are only driven by money.

AC: Involvement such as this is very important and allows firms to have a greater impact on a greater groups of people. It is very beneficial to be apart of the IB family as we are geographically diverse. It is a network of great people and it allows us to work together to do amazing things such as #IBDayOfAction and it is tremendous.


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