McIntyre Law’s Easter Ham Drive

Oklahoma-based IB member Noble McIntyre knows a thing or two about giving back to his local community.

On March 27, McIntyre Law will donate 1,400 hams to feed hungry Oklahomans in the Oklahoma City area. The event, inspired by the success of McIntyre Law’s 3rd Annual Day of Kindness, will be hosted at the firm’s Oklahoma City location.

While this is the first year that McIntyre Law has done a charity event around the Easter season, giving back is fundamental to the firm’s identity. Over the past three years, McIntyre Law’s turkey giveaways have grown larger and larger. In fact, McIntyre Law and the nonprofit he co founded  Lawyers Against Hunger, gave away more than 5,000 turkeys this past November.

“Hunger is such a prevalent problem in our state,” said McIntyre. “Events like this and the 3rd Annual Day of Kindness are really important to the work we do.”

Over the last month, McIntyre Law has raised more than $10,000 toward the event. In addition to hams, McIntyre Law will also be offering, burgers and soda free to participants.

Registration will occur at 8601 South Western Ave., Oklahoma City, starting at 11 a.m. Distribution of the hams will an hour later.

If you are interested in volunteering at the ham giveaway or providing a donation, please contact McInytre Law at (405) 917-5250 or visit

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