IB Member Helping Children Learn One Meal at a Time

IB member David Blackwell and his firm, Blackwell Trimnal Reeves & Myers, LLC, recognize the severity of child hunger in this country and are working to do something about it in their local community. Because of this, much of their charitable involvement is through the support of the children, teachers and coaches in their community.

As part of that support, the firm has partnered with a local program that provides backpacks filled with food and given to children likely to go unfed over the weekend when school is not in session. The program was started by a local group of high school students when they discovered that there are approx. 2,000 children in Lancaster County who go hungry every weekend.

With the help of Blackwell Trimnal Reeves & Myers, LLC, the program has expanded and is able to help more children in need so they won’t go hungry. At this time, an estimated 400 children are now getting a backpack filled with food for their weekends away from school.

“We have heard that a hungry child cannot learn when he or she is more worried about where their next meal is going to come from,” said Blackwell. “These children will go hungry every weekend unless we do something about it.”

In addition to the firm’s work with the backpack program, its attorneys and staff support the children, teachers and coaches in the community financially and by providing them with instructions on child safety, distracted driving, bullying and many other relevant topics.

For more information or to volunteer, visit www.btmlaw.com or call (803) 285-8050.

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