A Closer Look: Kazan Law’s Nonprofit Work

Over the past 19 years, Oakland, Calif.-based Kazan Law has quietly distributed more than $20 million to different community and civic organizations, including scholarships and internships for public interest positions, youth organizations and medical research for cures to asbestos diseases.

Disbursed through the firm’s nonprofit arm — Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons, Greenwood, Harley & Oberman Foundation, Inc. — the fundraising efforts are dedicated to helping support research and bringing awareness to occupational and environmental issues involving health and safety.

Borne from these efforts, the foundation also formed a nonprofit that works to promote occupational safety and health: Worksafe. Based on the idea of eliminating all types of workplace hazards, the group advocates for protective worker health and safety laws and effective remedies for injured workers.

What’s more, it also serves as a watchdog to ensure that government agencies enforce their laws. Worksafe engages in campaigns in coalition with unions, workers, community, environmental and legal organizations, and scientists to eliminate hazards and toxic chemicals from the workplace.

To learn more about their research, programs and/or grants, click here.

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