Creating a Masterpiece ‘Beneath the Painted Skies’

Injury Board member Michael Bogdanow of Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C., in Boston, offers more than just legal advice. He’s also a well-known artist known for his awe-inspiring work that captures the beauty of the sky, nature and human interaction.

During the month of November, Bogdanow’s artwork will be displayed at his solo exhibit, “Beneath the Painted Skies” at Cambridge Community Television in Central Square.

The idea of what we do, could do or can only dream of doing under the sky is the theme of Bogdanow’s pieces. Each unique piece, around 20 total, focuses on a bright and vibrant sky with some sort of activity taking place underneath.

Bogdanow has developed a successful art career while simultaneously growing his legal practice and serving as the managing partner at his firm. Having two careers requires a great deal of dedication and time; Bogdanow credits discipline and time management as keys to helping him navigate both careers successfully.

While on the surface quite different, Bogdanow believes that art and the practice of law actually have many similarities: “Both require understanding and connecting with your audience,” he explains. “You have to figure out how you want to convey your message to the audience and how they are going to take it.”

For more information on the “Beneath the Painted Skies” exhibit, contact Michael Bogdanow.

Bogdanow’s paintings are also available for purchase directly through his website.

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