IB Member Wins Significant Faulty Care Trial in Georgia

Jarome Gautreaux recently received a $5 million verdict in a significant medical negligence suit.

Gautreaux, of Gautreaux & Adams, along with three other lawyers — Virgil Adams, Tracey Dellancona and Caroline Herrington — represented a Georgia woman who had both of her legs amputated as a result of faulty care.

On Thanksgiving Day 2008, the woman went to the ER in Warner Robins, Ga., complaining of cold and painful feet. While at the hospital, a physician’s assistant examined her and concluded that she had diminished pulses in both feet.

Instead of admitting her and continuing to run tests to determine the extent of any arterial blood flow problems, he — with the physician’s approval — gave her eight milligrams of Morphine and sent her home.

Twelve hours later, she was found unresponsive. She was rushed back to the hospital where doctors saved her life, but could not save her legs. Both were amputated from the knee down.

Gautreaux and the trial team’s main allegation focused on how the woman had classic signs of an arterial problem, but her arteries were never checked at the hospital. It was determined that if the physician’s assistant and/or the physician had properly and timely diagnosed the woman’s condition, they could have saved her legs.

“Our client is an incredible lady,” said Gautreaux. “Her arteries were not checked and had they checked them properly, they would have saved her from this terrible outcome.”

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