IB Member Paul Oliveri Pushes Bill Passage to Better Protect N.Y. Consumers

New York-based Injury Board member Paul Oliveri’s recent work to lobby the New York State Legislature for passage of a consumer-friendly underinsured/uninsured motorist law has paid off. The N.Y. State Congress and Senate recently passed a bill that will better protect consumers.

Oliveri, of Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C., along with 200 N.Y. State Trial Lawyer Association (NYSTLA) members traveled to Albany, N.Y. earlier this year to urge passage of the proposed law, which would require insurance providers to write policies that automatically include supplementary underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage (SUM) unless the policyholder decides to opt out of the additional coverage.

Currently, the N.Y. State law doesn’t require insurers to automatically include SUM coverage. The policyholder must affirmatively ask for SUM coverage or the company can mention its availability, which rarely happens.

“Even though our Republican legislators usually side with the insurance lobby, and even though the insurance lobby’s knee-jerk reaction was to oppose our bill, this was a shining example of legislators recognizing what is right and just for their constituents, i.e. motorists and auto insurance customers,” explains Oliveri, who serves as director emeritus of NYSTLA.

The bill currently awaits the approval and signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Building on his recent efforts, Oliveri visited N.Y. State Assemblyman Brian Curran last month to thank him for his support and to discuss future legislation.

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