Scott Cooper at the Helm as President of PAJ

Newly installed president of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) Scott Cooper has distinct goals for continuing the organization’s mission of promoting a fair and effective justice system, while supporting attorneys as they work to ensure that any person injured by others’ misconduct or negligence can obtain justice in Pennsylvania’s courtrooms.

Cooper, a longtime, well-reputed attorney with the Harrisburg personal injury firm Schmidt Kramer and an Injury Board member, plans to make sure the association thrives by introducing and promoting proactive legislation that preserves and expands the rights of injured victims, increasing participation of future leaders in the organization, and frequently soliciting ideas and interest from other members to make sure their needs are met.

By grooming younger lawyers for PAJ committee chair and vice chair positions and encouraging increased participation, Cooper believes everyone will have a real stake in the organization as it seeks to help improve the quality of health care, remove dangerous medicines and products from people’s shelves, and make roads and workplaces less hazardous.

Cooper, an attorney who specializes in motor vehicle accident and insurance cases, has been active with PAJ for almost 20 years. He notably received its prestigious Milton D. Rosenberg Award for leadership and efforts for victims’ rights in 2008 and its George F. Douglas Amicus Curiae Award for outstanding appellate advocacy in 2005. Cooper previously served for several years on PAJ’s Executive Committee and Board of Governors, and also as the association’s chairman of Legislative Policy Committee.

Under his leadership, the association will continue to develop, launch and maintain websites that provide rich information to assist victims and protect victims’ rights in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation, such as,, and

Cooper is also excited to continue building coalitions between PAJ and similar progressive groups, such as unions, environmental organizations and teachers associations.

Watch a video of Scott Cooper discussing his plans for PAJ presidency in the 2012-2013 term here.

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