EXCUSEMAN™ Tackles Human Resources to Create Positive, Successful Work Environments

Injury Board member Jordan Margolis’ superhero tendencies run deep.

By day, the Chicago personal injury attorney pursues justice by fighting danger, accidents and crime.

But when he steps out of his (attorney) suit and into his alter ego, Margolis is EXCUSEMAN™, a fictional character who battles empty excuses and lame apologies to bring accountability to the world.


Donning a cape and colorful costume, his goal is to use a mixture of humor, creativity, acting, writing and musical theater to offer redemption for those “celebrities, politicians, corporate miscreants or regular screw ups who mess up but won’t fess up.”

With 33 years of trial experience, Margolis — as EXCUSEMAN™ — is taking a new show on the road in hopes of fostering healthier and safer workplace environs.

Just as he helps victims and their families tackle legal issues, Margolis is catering to human resources, university and business groups to help large and small companies stay afloat and thrive during tough economic times. He aims to achieve this by delivering to them smiles and tools to fashion positive, safe work environments.

To Margolis, workplace safety entails ensuring both the physical safety of employees as well as their mental and emotional safety. Margolis believes that the vitality of a work environment can make a huge difference.

As a business owner himself, Margolis has seen a direct correlation between creating a thriving, peaceful and fun work environment and workplace growth and productivity. Positive benefits abound when employees feel safe, appreciated and respected, Margolis says.

In particular, Margolis’ program stresses the importance of Objective Performance Criteria to prevent employees from making excuses for poor management, by building a positive work environment that ensures employees appreciate their contributions in the success of the company.

He teaches unique workplace communications methods that not only increase productivity, but are effective in creating a great work environment.

EXCUSEMAN™ will cover such topics as:

  • Where does human nature end and human resources begin?
  • What made the workplace from 1887 to 1937 so different from today?
  • You’re a human resources manager in real life, but could you play one on TV?
  • Why do the best workers make the worst bosses?
  • Are labor laws stopping your company from competing in the world market?
  • When are “hot” topics in employment safe to discuss?

“When people are happy, laughing and feeling good, they generally work in teams better, are twice as productive and efficient, happy to go to work and thankful to have a job, rather than complaining with a negative attitude — which ultimately only brings down morale for the entire workforce and affects productivity in the long run,” Margolis says. “And we all know this can affect the bottom line, and it hurts everyone in the big picture, further creating more job loss,” he says.

EXCUSEMAN™ is bringing his presentation to a Human Resources Management Professional Development Lunch & Learn Program speaking engagement at DePaul University on October 17, 2012 in Chicago and for the Professionals In Human Resources Association in Santa Clarita, California, February 14, 2013.

Details of all of EXCUSEMAN’S™ upcoming appearances will be posted at www.excuseman.com.

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