MichieHamlett Works With Charlottesville Police Dept. To Hold Fingerprinting Event

In August, InjuryBoard Member, MichieHamlett, teamed up with the Charlottesville Police Department to hold a child fingerprinting event at the Hilltop Care Center.

MichieHamlett, in partnership with the Charlottesville Police and other local law enforcement agencies, plans to offer this even at different venues in the future for the community.

Nearly 85-90% of missing persons are juveniles which amount to 750,000 cases of missing children per year or 2,100 per day, according to estimates by the FBI. Many can be recovered with quick reporting by parents. And one way to help keep kids safe is fingerprinting. Hopefully more agencies and lawyers will get involved in this very important cause – keeping our kids safe!

Career Day

MichieHamlett Attorneys Jim Cox and Garrett Smith participated in the 10th grade career day at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Jim and Garrett gave the kids practical tips on preparation for a career in law, such as how to hone their writing and research skills.

More than 2,000 10th graders were present at the event which included 243 different sessions with 137 speakers talking about 56 different careers.

It was a worthwhile experience, said both Jim and Garrett. They were thankful for the opportunity to help the students to better understand a career in law. And, in turn, the students learned a great deal about law, as well as numerous other career fields.

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