Jerry Tractman Shares His Veterans Airlift Command Mission

It was just a few months ago that Jerry Tractman shared his first mission for an organization known as the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC).

“Imagine returning home from combat facing devastating injuries and long term hospitalization–in a facility hundreds of miles away from your family. Imagine somebody brings you together.”

Consisting entirely of a national network of volunteer pilots and aircraft owners who receive no compensation, the VAC provides free air transportation to wounded warriors who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as their families.

Jerry had the honor and privilege of flying his first mission for VAC, transporting a severely wounded young soldier and his wife from Florida to Texas.

Ryan, 22, was a gunner on a Humvee that was blown up in Iraq. He has been receiving medical treatment for two years. Despite his horrific injuries, he is doing well. The FAA has assigned the call sign “Hero Flight” to these missions.

Ryan and his wife were greeted at their destination in Texas by both their families. Jerry was overwhelmed by the expressions of appreciation directed at him, he writes. “What I did was nothing, compared to what Ryan and his fellow soldiers have done. Thank you, Ryan.”

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