Northstar Academy: Serving Children with Learning Disabilities

Michael Phelan volunteers countless hours with several organizations. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Northstar Academy, a non-profit school for children with learning disabilities. In January 2010, the Board presented the first annual Special Needs Forum for educators, healthcare provider and parents of special needs children.

Michael and his wife Laura have three children. Their daughter, Kate, 20, was born with a profound brain injury.

Mr. Phelan has spent a great deal of time fundraising for the school and directing the finance, development, and building and grounds committees.  Additionally, he and his wife have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the school.

And last but not least he donates his time to United Parents Against Lead (UPAL), a national organization dedicated to educating parents and landlords about the dangers of lead poisoning to children who live in housing with deteriorating lead-based paint.

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